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Where are Americans Moving and Why?

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Where are Americans Moving and Why?
North American Van Lines recently conducted their annual Migration Report, reviewing data for household moves in 2020. They focused on states with a high proportion of inbound or outbound moves and found some surprises and some trends.
One thing is certain -- Despite the Pandemic, people continued
to move at rates comparable to 2019.
Leaving in Droves
It is no surprise that Americans are leaving the Northeast and Midwest in favor of warmer climates in the Southeast and Southwest. Job availability is another factor, as many companies are avoiding the region.   
In addition, the Northeast is home to many cities with a high cost of living, making affordable housing challenging.
States with the most outbound moves include New York, New Jersey, Maryland, California, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.
Southern Sunbelt Migration Trend Continues
States in the south consistently rank high on the list of inbound moves. They continue to see populations grow as more relocate there than leave. Arizona and South Carolina have been in the top five inbound states since 2015. North Carolina and Tennessee have been on the list in prior years but reached the top five in 2016. Tennessee in in third place for inbound moves. Florida is in sixth place, followed closely behind by Texas.
The top five inbound states in 2020 are Idaho, Arizona, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina.
States in the south have experienced job growth due to companies relocating or opening branches in the area. Texas, Florida, and Tennessee do not have a state income tax. Arizona and the Carolinas have a state income tax, but rates are below seven percent. In addition to warmer weather year-round, southern states offer open space and opportunity to live more rurally, but with access to common conveniences. This was important in 2020 during the Pandemic when Americans sought their own “space” and avoided congested cities.
Phoenix ranks in the number one position for top inbound destination (and has been for four out of the last five years!). With the warm climate and low tax rate, it is not surprising that two of the top five inbound destinations are in the state of Texas.
Midwestern Migration Follows Northeast’s Lead
Michigan has made the Top 10 States list of Outbound Migration since 2015. It has steadily climbed to the top five, taking fourth place in 2020. Illinois, Ohio, and Minnesota are also on the list for states with high outbound migration.
The Midwest can have harsh winters too, but there are other reasons for outbound migration. It can be difficult to find jobs in Michigan, for example, especially after the decline of the auto industry. Residents of Illinois are leaving to pursue a higher quality of living in other states.
Western States Attract Movers with Some Exceptions
Idaho has the number one spot on the list of Inbound Migration for Western States with Colorado in the top 10. Nevada, Oregon, and Washington have made the top inbound list in past years, but they didn’t make it in 2020. California has consistently ranked in the top 10 for outbound moves, most probably because of the high cost of living and lack of affordable housing in some cities.
Idaho is one of the fastest-growing states in the US, and it is relatively affordable. A slower pace makes it an attractive place for many people.
If you are thinking of moving, check out some of the links in this article which will give you more information and statistical data to help you decide on which state may be the location of your next chapter.
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