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Does Your Business Have an Emergency Preparedness Plan?

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Does Your Business Have an Emergency Preparedness Plan?


Stuff happens, and you often don't expect it.

Computers get infected with malware. 

Files can get accidentally deleted. 

Cloud services go down.

You can be forced to shut down your business if that happens.

The minute the clock ticks away, the more money you lose.

Downtime means:

•  Lost productivity
•  Lost business
•  Lost opportunity costs

In other words, you’re closed for business.

Perhaps you think a ransomware attack would never happen to your small business.

Unfortunately, this isn't true.

It doesn't matter who you are to an attacker, they only care about money.

Yours is as good as anyone else’s.

Are you putting off the development of a business continuity plan?

Were you under the impression that business continuity plans were only for large corporations?

Regardless of the size of your organization, it's imperative that you have an "Alternative Plan." 

This is your game plan to restore operations should they go down.

Although you cannot prevent every crisis from occurring, you can be prepared.

Those that are prepared lose a lot less time and money than those that aren’t.

Disaster preparedness and downtime recovery include things like redundancy, cloud-based data, and backup and recovery solutions.

It's just good business sense. It's not rocket science.

Need help getting started with your own disaster recovery and business continuity plan?

Call today - (978) 466-1938.


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