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What NOT to Pack When Moving!

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What NOT to Pack When Moving! 


Whether you are packing your belongings yourself or you've hired the moving company to professionally pack for you, there are items that you should be sure NOT to pack for a ride on the moving van.


Important legal documents and valuables should be taken WITH you when you travel to your new home. These items include: 


1.Medical Records and Medications. You want to be sure to have these items handy, just in case you need them en route to your new home or shortly after you move in. 

2.Your Passport. Certainly, if you are moving out of the country, you'll need your passport, but it is a good idea to have it with you as an alternate form of identification and just because you don't want to be searching for it when you reach your new home. 

3.Birth Certificates. For obvious reasons, you don't want to misplace these! Stocks and Bonds.

4.... and checkbooks, extra checks, and stamp or coin collections, or any other items that you might have in a safe deposit box. Either bring them with you or leave them in a new safe deposit box at your final destination.

5.Fine Jewelry. Wrap your fine jewelry in soft cloths or keep them in their original boxes and place them into a box that you will take with you in your car or carry-on bag on an airplane or train. Never leave jewelry in your jewelry stand or box to be shipped.


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