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Greenhouse farming of baby lettuce blends


Sanitation Lead
Category: Agricultural, Forestry & Fishing
Description: This person will have primary duties around physically assisting with the cleaning process from night to night, scheduling sanitation tasks and personnel, and verifying job completion per the training material and job aids. This person will also assist with the master sanitation assignments and escalating opportunities as they see fit. The sanitation lead must be very observant, more
Greenhouse Cleaner
Category: Agricultural, Forestry & Fishing
Description: The Greenhouse Cleaner is a critical member of the growing team. Their role revolves around ensuring cleanliness of the greenhouse in support of maintaining the best food safety standards. Responsibilities Clearing Greenhouse floor of all debris. Cleaning floor to remove any algae buildup. Pulling weeds and removing moss from under grow lines. Cleaning off buildup around lettuce more
Utility Person
Category: Agricultural, Forestry & Fishing
The Utility person is a critical member of the growing team. Their role involves seed prep, seeding, harvesting, packing, Shipping receiving, assisting in supplies re-ordering, maintaining cleanliness and food safety in the facility. Responsibilities (Job may include some or all the responsibilities listed below) Ensuring cleanliness of the equipment and area at all times in order to comply with more

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