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Why Data Backup is Vital to Your Business

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A data backup plan is essential for any business, but remarkably, it is often overlooked or untested. How would you recover information needed to run your business if it suddenly disappeared? This issue of Cleartech Talk will walk you through some simple "best practices" to ensure your data is there when you need it.
Why Data Backup is Vital to Your Business
The City of Riviera Beach, Florida was hit by a crippling ransomware attack in June of 2019 and ended up paying hackers $600,000. The City of Richmond Heights, Ohio was also hit by ransomware about a month later, but they escaped without paying a ransom at all.
The difference was that Richmond Heights had a recoverable backup of their data and the Florida municipality did not.
Regular data backups are one of the most important parts of any business IT plan and can ensure your business stays viable in the event of a major data loss incident.
While backing up data is something just about everyone knows they should do, all too often data loss occurs, and companies are left scrambling. They either don’t have a recent backup of their data or haven’t been checking a backup and find it’s failed.
Less than 10% of companies back up their data every day.
Most of a company’s files are now in digital format and represent the heart of what they do every day. From accounting records to customer order history to your marketing assets, most companies can’t operate without access to their data...
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