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Summer Digital Insights from 3 Media Web

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Summer 2020 Marketing Strategies
The first half of 2020 has been quite the roller coaster. The whole economy has shifted. Some industries are booming. Some are barely holding on. With many parts of the country at different stages of economic revival, these are a few ideas to think about as we head into the summer.
  • LISTEN to Your Customers
    Voice of the Customer (VoC) is more important today than ever before. You need to understand their challenges and their pains. Then make accommodations for your business to meet their needs. The retail and restaurant industries have made huge shifts in the last few months with curbside pickup. Find ways to listen!
  • Be NIMBLE Not Perfect
    As someone who is very data-driven, I don’t always recommend moving fast. However, it is times like these that will separate you from your competition. Don’t let yourself or your team get mired down in red tape or decisions by committee. Take calculated risks that will improve the user experience. Don’t let perfect get in the way of progress.
  • Use the RIGHT TOOLS for the RIGHT IMPACT
    I talk to so many prospects and clients that will say “XYZ strategy” didn’t work for them. It often is a combination of poor implementation, not understanding business needs, or not giving it enough time. Take the time to make sure you know what you want, then search for tools & strategies that might help. Try something new!
That all being said, we'd love to hear your summer plans.
Please take a moment to complete our Summer Business Goals survey. Everyone who submits a response will go into a drawing to win a free 90 Day Digital Marketing Plan.
We look forward to continuing to support all of you through the changing world and wish you health & happiness this summer.
Jess Hennessey
Director of Digital Marketing

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