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August 14, 2019

Summary of Recent Updates

Over the last several months, the Department of Family and Medical Leave (DFML) has issued a number of updates to its website.  These updates clarify questions that we’ve received from the stakeholder community and aim to provide employers and employees with greater certainty in understanding the operations of the program.  For your convenience, we are summarizing those updates with this newsletter.

1. The definition of wages for the PFML program has been aligned with the MA Unemployment Statute's definition of wages. There are numerous types of employment that are excluded under the Massachusetts Unemployment Statute. Consistent with the Massachusetts Unemployment Statute, DFML will apply those same exclusions with respect to determining whether an employer is required to remit contributions on behalf of its employees.  

See: Wages subject to PFML and Who’s a Covered Individual?

2. Withholdings apply to any wages paid on or after October 1st and are not dependent on the date when the wages were earned.

See: Wages subject to PFML

3. Employers employing H-2A visa holders are exempt from remitting contributions to the DFML.   All other temporary foreign worker visa programs, however, are subject to the contribution requirements and those workers will be considered covered individuals, assuming all other criteria for being a covered individual have been satisfied.

See: Who’s a Covered Individual? (Counting Visa Program Workers)

Other content that you may find helpful: We have also implemented a new tool for organizations seeking a training on the new program. If you are interested in having a member of the PFML team come out to speak to your organization, trade association or local Chamber of Commerce, please fill out the request form


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