Five Reasons to Rehire Former Employees

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September 03, 2019
Five Reasons to Rehire Former Employees
It’s not uncommon for organizations to have a policy against rehiring former employees. This sort of policy makes perfect sense with respect to troublemakers, poor performers, or others who left under a dark cloud. It’s also understandable given that companies invest a lot of money training and developing their people, and employees who go elsewhere take that investment with them, sometimes to a competitor.

But times have changed, and expectations with them. Few employers these days expect employees to stick around for many years. Most know that employees will move between employers multiple times over the course of their career and that many of them will even change careers entirely, some more than once.

With the overall culture of employment having changed, individual organizations have updated their own culture to align with these new expectations. Not only are companies allowing eligible former employees to apply, some employers are even encouraging it! Here are five big reasons why you might consider doing the same.

Did You Know?
Many employers are still unaware that employees have the right to talk openly about their wages. This right was created by the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), which became law in 1935.

The NLRA grants all non-supervisory employees (not just those in unions) the right to discuss their wages, benefits, managers, facilities, safety issues, and just about anything else that two or more employees might have a stake in. As a result, the protections provided by the NLRA are broad.

While these rights don’t extend to supervisors, the definition of supervisor for the purpose of this law is quite specific and not based simply on an employee’s title; many assistant supervisors and managers will have rights under the NLRA. Employers should also be aware that many states have passed their own laws about wage transparency that apply to all employees, including supervisors.

You can learn all about the NLRA as it applies to non-union employers by searching NLRA in the HR Support Center.
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