Doctor Franklin Perkins School alumnus thrives as a young adult

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September 09, 2019
When Mario is in a room, he’s at the center of it. His energy is magnetic, bright, and kind; his knees never stop bouncing, and he makes a lot of clever jokes. 
On this recent visit to Perkins, staff and former peers greet him excitedly. He sits next to his mom, Paula, tapping his fingers to the beat of the song playing in a singular earbud as we talk. He tells us he needs the music to focus on the conversation. 
Later, when we visit Perkins music teacher Bill Carrier’s classroom, Mario slips the earbud out and picks up a guitar from a nearby stand. His fingers glide effortlessly, picking strings and strumming chords as we carry on our conversation. He even slides into a seat next to Bill on piano so that they can play a song together. Paula stands, humming, and beaming with pride at her son. 
Before Perkins, Mario struggled with impulse and emotional control. His behavior was challenging and dangerous to himself and others. His mother worked tirelessly with and for him in hopes that he would get back on a healthy path and attend school regularly. 
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