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An Update on our Construction

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An Update on our Construction

As we enter 2020 we wanted to share an update on the progress that has been made on Clear Path’s major construction project.   It surely is a time of change, and our building is undergoing a complete and exciting metamorphosis to make it more accessible, practical and inviting for the community we serve. Thanks to Bay State Savings Bank we have secured a construction loan that will allow us to complete the renovation project as expeditiously as possible.

    With financing secured and a significant portion of our Level 2 unified permit officially approved and filed, we are going to be moving quickly.  We have a very reliable General Contractor in Carr Enterprise with the project being led by Fran Gray a Veteran himself.

    The first priority of the project will be handicap accessibility, in the form of an outdoor ramp system and a new elevator in the building. These are two of the most expensive but absolutely essential renovations. In order to achieve this, we will demo the connector between the front and rear of the building – a pretty major undertaking. (The elevator will be adjacent to the new entrance with handicap ramp.) While this may not have been our first choice in terms of location for the elevator, the silver lining is that by putting an elevator into an already existing space in a historic building, we were eligible to apply for financial assistance (in the way of historical tax credit) through the National Park Service.  Once the ramp and elevator construction are complete, we will have a beautiful new entrance that is bright, welcoming, and most importantly- accessible for everyone.

    A new, state-of-the-art HVAC system is next on the list of updates to our space. Much like the elevator and ramp, HVAC is a very expensive portion of our renovation process, but will undoubtedly make our building much more comfortable for everyone year-round.  (Not to mention that in the long run, we will save money because of its energy efficiency!) The HVAC system that we are going to have installed is both sophisticated and state-of-the-art; It will allow us to control the temperature of each room individually, thereby preserving as much energy as possible and keeping costs down. (For example, a room which faces the sun all day requires far less heat than its non-sun-facing counterpart, so this system will enable us to individually control the temperatures in these different spaces.) We have some great HVAC contractors as well as F.W. Webb helping to guide us through the exciting design process.

    Our kitchen level is going to be fully outfitted and capable of preparing meals for 125 patrons. Connected to the kitchen will be a new Empowerment Center that will be consistently stocked with meal prep essentials for Veterans and Service Members in need. This is happening through a great partnership with the Massachusetts Military Support Foundation. This Empowerment Center will basically be a one-stop-shop for anything that veterans need including diapers, formula, food, clothing, toiletries, and other daily life essentials. We are so fortunate and so grateful to be able to offer a center like this to the Veterans in our community. 

   2020 is certainly going to be a year of incredible transformation and growth. Watch for our monthly updates as we keep you posted on the progress that you have helped make possible.

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