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Sheet Metal Installer / TAB Assistant

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Posted: 02/14/2021

Job Title                           Sheet Metal Installer / TAB Assistant
Pay Range                        Starting at 13 and up
Work Hours                    Typically Monday through Friday 6:00 AM – 2:30 PM with a half hour for lunch. This position may require extended weekday hours and occasional Saturday work.
Minimum Job Requirements
o        Possess a valid driver’s license
o        Technical or high school graduate
Basic Job Function
o        Assisting the Lead Installer with the installation of residential hydronic, HVAC heating and cooling systems, zoning systems and other related installations.
o        Assisting in the installation of ductwork and duct systems.
o        Offer products and services that solve our customer’s specific comfort needs.
o        Assist with Testing and Balancing Work
o        Always treat all customers and coworkers with dignity and respect.
o        Arrive at the job site on time and ready to begin work every day.
o        Possess all the required tools to perform the job of an installer.
o        Always use a Safety First approach to all work.
o        Always use the proper safety clothing, tools and precautions before beginning any work.
o        Participate in all company and installation training meetings.
o        Utilize the internet based technical training offered by the company.
o        Complete the Training Program for your department.
Principal Duties
o        Loading the complete job into the installation truck to insure the installation team is ready to leave the warehouse on time each and every morning.
o        Insure that all specialized tools are checked out and on the installation truck ready to depart the warehouse on time each and every morning.
o        Prep the work area in the home by placing drop cloths from the point of entry into the building through to the last finished portion of the home leading to the equipment.
o        Unload all the materials and tools required to do the job to the location.
o        Upon approval and explanation from the Lead Installer begin to remove the existing equipment or in the case of a new installation begin to set in place the new system.
o        Organize all old scrap materials and waste neatly and logically on the installation truck.
o        Work with and learn from the Lead Installer on installing all types of systems.
o        Keep the work areas clean, neat and safe at all times.
o        At the conclusion of the installation return all tools, materials and scrap to the installation truck and store them properly. Clean all of the work areas so they are free and clear of all waste and debris associated with the installation.
o        Insure that nothing you brought into the project has been left behind.
o        Maintain a clean and properly stocked installation truck at all times. 

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