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Posted: 03/07/2021

The Quality Assurance Manager will assign Quality Control Technician the following job functions. When performing these job functions, Quality Control Technician’s responsibilities are as follows:
Syrup and Finished Product Testing:

  • Perform testing of a control drink on Syrup.
  • Perform CO2 tests.
  • Perform Brix tests.
  • Perform T.A. tests.
  • Perform Air tests.
  • Perform can weight tests.
  • Ensure that proper can code is being used.
  • Perform any other quality control testing as deemed necessary.
Water System Testing:
  • Perform Alkalinity tests.
  • Perform Chlorine tests.
  • Perform Chemical Feed Rate tests.
  • Perform Flocc Chamber PH tests.
  • Perform Sludge level tests.
  • Perform Carbon Tower Clarity tests.
  • Monitor the backwashing of the sand fillers.
  • Backwash the carbon towers.
  • Recharge the lime and ferric tanks.
  • Monitor the sludge reclaim tank.
Mixing Batches of Concentrate:
  • Transport concentrate to the batching area and document codes on the concentrate package.
  • Adhere to formula batching specifications of syrup preparation.
  • Ensure proper raw concentrate stock rotation.
Syrup Room Sanitation:
  • Sanitize batch tanks.
  • Sanitize flavor storage tanks.
  • Sanitize sugar storage tanks.
  • Sanitize pumps and lines.
  • Document the date and time of sanitation.
Miscellaneous Quality Control Functions:
  • Receive and inventory raw concentrate deliveries
  • Place concentrate in its predetermined location.
  • Receive and test sugar.
  • Change carbon in carbon towers.
  • Replace UV lights.
  • Change filters in the polishers.
  • Clean, paint, and perform minor repairs associated with the Quality Control Department.
Safe operation of equipment and adherence to all company safety policies and procedures.
All other tasks assigned by Supervision.

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