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Administrative Assistant

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Why join us?
Mindset Go creates lasting change in people’s lives by leading them to shift mindsets, develop skills and
improve habits. We are growing rapidly and currently looking for an Administrative Assistant who is
highly organized and supportive. Our training applies to people of all ages and is proven to help them to
be more confident and skilled communicators through experiential learning programs, consulting, and
coaching. In this role, you will participate in both planning and implementing strategies as well as
executing systems and processes designed to scale the business to the next level. You will work closely
with the CEO and have an exceptional opportunity to be mentored through daily one-on-one
interaction and coaching.

We are a growing business with a small staff. We have been around for six years and have achieved
rapid growth. The keys to our growth have been referrals, speaking engagements and our channel
partner model. Priorities do seem to change throughout the year due to customer demands, new
speaking opportunities and events (tradeshows, seminars, off-site trainings) that need planning.
This job requires three very critical skills: Organization, Multi-Tasking, Assertiveness and SelfAwareness. Organization in the sense that you are organizing yourself with tasks and projects,
organizing me with tasks and projects and organizing the companies’ overall priorities. Multi-tasking in
the sense that your ability to prioritize what needs to be done versus what you would like to get done is
essential. During the day from time-to-time, I could add things that need to be done either that day or
the next and your ability to incorporate those tasks into existing priorities seamlessly is an important
part of the job.
Assertiveness is relevant because your ability to identify what you can and can’t handle, your ability to
hear needs from me and take some time to process but then come back to me and say here is what I
think should be the priority…based on what and we can make the decision collaboratively. SelfAwareness that we are a small business and efficiency, and productivity are important so if a task is
taking longer than either of us expected, being aware of that and collaborating on better ways to do it.

This job might be for you if you:
You are the person who volunteers, jumps in and drives things forward.
You are not afraid to speak up, ask questions, make suggestions, and effectively brainstorm.
You are flexible to shifting priorities and discerning in how to reshuffle tasks to keep key
objectives on track.

You are fiercely action-oriented with high urgency and precision in the way you carry things out.
You naturally take ownership and embrace responsibility.
You are highly organized using electronic tools and practice effective habits to maintain data and

You are highly detail oriented and a strong note-taker.

What you need to bring to the table:
Motivation to support business growth by building and maintaining efficiency.
Ability to communicate exceptionally well in writing, in person and on the phone.
Ability to process, update and maintain large amounts of details using a CRM.
An assertive nature to clarify objectives and protect company time and resources.
Ability to collaborate with multiple outside constituents (customers, partner, vendors) in
planning and executing on timelines and within hard deadlines.

Strong technical acumen to work efficiently within a CRM and various business technologies.
Must be discerning and able to maintain confidentiality.

What is a typical day?
A: As an admin, the daily tasks/projects include the following

Administrative Responsibilities Include:
1. Update events page on website and MindsetGo calendar
2. Add workshops to website.
3. MindsetGo Assessment Customer Liaison – send and manage assessments, reviewing
assessments to create customer reports, communicating with customer.
4. Generating reports and creating agendas for meetings.
5. Managing, delegating, updating, and overseeing company rocks (to-do-list).
6. Overseeing workforce grant administration – submitting paperwork online, retrieving
information from clients, handling all paperwork during training process.
7. Research and Due diligence for best solutions to vendors, products, etc.
8. Onboarding new employees’ paperwork and set-up.
9. Digital Task and Project Management
10. Coordinating tradeshows and seminars (event planning)
11. Email Marketing Management – upload and segment contacts, email from existing templates
12. Data entry regarding creating spreadsheets from sign-in sheets from training events.
13. Manage files in dropbox and google docs.
14. Create and send contracts/proposals.
15. Update and create processes.
16. Liaison with company vendors

17. Liaison with company contractors for training
18. Email clients and prospects info and follow up.
19. Manage and update Mark’s calendar, coordinate schedules.
20. Preparing materials for events
21. Local travel with CEO to client meetings and training events
22. Miscellaneous projects
Updating Hubspot/CRM
a. Address any tasks that are assigned to you.
b. Address any tasks that are assigned to me by doing those also or communicating with me
who should handle?
c. Update tasks from emails forwarded to you.
d. Update any deals.
e. Update contact and account info
f. Tagging and importing leads
Creating/ modifying Powerpoints and presentations
25. Client written and phone communication.

Benefits & Perks:
Part-time opportunity with potential to develop into a full-time opportunity.
Ideal growth opportunity for experienced career-minded administrative professional
Work independently and remotely while also collaborating with others in person.
Exceptional company reputation
Personal/ Professional Learning and development opportunities (Formal and by Osmosis)

We’re at an exciting stage in our company growth. The Administrative Assistant is a key position that
will facilitate results allowing us to reach more people and increase our growth trajectory. If this
position sounds like you and you are excited by the work we are doing, please apply now and we will
give you our immediate consideration.

Q: Do I have to come into the office every day?
A: Ideally, you have a flexible schedule as it is important for us to sync up as often as possible as I
am on the road locally or nationally from time to time. Plan on being at the office part-time and as
What are your long-term goals for MindsetGo?
A: My goal is to scale the company nationally with the MindsetGo Confident and Effective
Communicator Model. The top priorities for 2021 will be to incorporate online training as part of
our offering, find other trainers, build our channel partner network and make a concerted
marketing effort to brand the company as experts in Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and Sales.

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